Friday, November 28, 2014

Bryce Canyon

When I think of the beauty of Utah, I think of Bryce Canyon and all its colors.

DSC_0553-1 (3) 

DSC_0578-1 (4)



DSC_0600-1 (4)

DSC_0604-1 (3)

DSC_0616-1 (3)

DSC_0617-1 (2)


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DSC_0635-1 (3) 

DSC_0650-1 (2)

DSC_0656-1 (4)

DSC_0662-1 (4)

DSC_0672-1 (3)


Hoodoos (odd-shaped pillars of rock created from the powers of erosion) are everywhere there (some are pictured behind us).

DSC_0682-1 (2)

DSC_0693-1 (4)

DSC_0716-1 (3)

DSC_0723-1 (2)

If you look for awhile at one of the hoodoos, you start to see a person in it, like if you stare up at the clouds long enough. I see an old, pleasant man in the one in the photo above. Hoodoo is also a rather enjoyable word to say out loud.  

DSC_0727-1 (3)

DSC_0733-1 (6)




DSC_0747-1 (2)

There were so very many huggable trees on this trip.

DSC_0750-1 (2)


DSC_0766-1 (2)

DSC_0780-1 (4) 


DSC_0810-1 (5)


How do you write about a place that stirs your soul so very much?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Best Friends

One of my top must-sees on this trip was Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Best Friends Animal Society is a leader in the no-kill movement and operates the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the country.

DSC_0375-1 (2)

I was so excited when we arrived. We spent the day touring, meeting amazing animals and people, eating a big $5 veg buffet, and admiring the grand beauty of the place, The sanctuary is located in the huge, gorgeous Angel Canyon and houses almost 2,000 animals.

DSC_0379-1 (2) 

We first visited the wildlife rehabilitation area. We heard many stories about these rescued creatures from our tour guide, who had the most mesmerizing stream-of-consciousness way of speaking. Most of these animals are found injured and are rehabilitated to be released back in the wild where they were found, but some end up having to stay for their own safety. Best Friends makes their stay as nice as possible. 

DSC_0389-1 (3)

Then, there were the parrots. Fascinating, smart animals.


DSC_0401-1 (2)

DSC_0406-1 (2)

There’s a cemetery for animals who have passed on at Best Friends, as well as for beloved, deceased animals whose guardians have purchased plots for them. 


Then there were the kitties, who have such a great set-up with plenty of perches, outdoor enclosures, and toys.

DSC_0441-1 (2)



This cat (below) was my favorite friend we visited. She was a senior and had such calming, loving energy. If I’m remembering correctly, her name is Zelda. I hope she has found a home.

DSC_0458-1 (2)


We also visited a little with dogs, but it appears Niall didn’t get any photos of them. As you can tell from the number of feline photos, my husband is all about the cats.

Before leaving, we visited with this woman and her dog. They were awesome. The woman had lived in Gainesville long ago, so we talked about that. She also told us about waking up one day and just knowing she had to get to Best Friends. She packed up and moved, without a job. She camped and she was able to find work at Best Friends after a little bit. She’s been there some time now and loves it with her whole heart. Her dog adopted her a few years ago. The woman ordered this special pack because her sweet dog’s legs have some old injuries, making walking far difficult. The woman takes her dog with her to work regularly and the pack makes this possible.

That’s how amazing Best Friends is – people just drop everything and move to dedicate their lives to this important work. 

DSC_0477-1 (2)



Wild turkeys passing through know this is a safe place to be.


Horses with horrific pasts have hope now.


I am so in love with pigs.  


You can go and stay at Best Friends and volunteer as a vacation. I definitely want to do this sometime.  


What an inspiring place. This visit made me motivated to keep on with the compassionate choices.