Monday, January 26, 2015


Dallas was another place to enjoy old friends and family.
It was rainy, our trip was drawing to a close. Niall's good friend from college and his partner were such gracious hosts and set us up in the comfiest room in their gorgeous house! They had two sugary sweet dogs too.

We stopped in Georgetown on the way, where Niall went to college. It's cute - in that quaint little Texas town way. We had coffee at  Cianfrani , a shop Niall frequented as a student.

In Dallas, we got to hang out with Niall's cousin and family and eat sushi, as well as ride in their Tesla!
We zoomed around in this electric car and it was amazing. It was such a smooth, spacious, quiet, and fast ride. I got to sit with Niall's cousin's daughter (who Google just told me is his first cousin, once removed) in the kids' section in the back. Pretty cool to look out at the world from that angle. There are some great advantages to being small. 

Next time we're in Dallas, I'm sure we'll do more site-seeing, but it was so nice to chill out awhile and share some laughs with loved ones.

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