Monday, January 19, 2015

Sweet San Antonio

We always have fun in San Antonio. In some ways we like it better than Austin - it's not as hip or busy, yet has so much culture, nature, and history.

We enjoyed a visit to the lovely grounds of the McNay Art Museum. There are lots of sculptures to admire there, among the well-maintained gardens. 

I came across a gorgeous deceased Monarch butterfly.

We met up with some of Niall's family to eat - Niall's mom sweetly had me in mind and suggested a vegetarian restaurant, Green. I absolutely recommend if you ever find yourself in San Antone.
We sat outside and had a feast, which included the best kale salad I have ever had.  

Then Niall and I wandered around, as the restaurant rests within a newly developed area we hadn't visited before. This neighborhood is known as  Pearl, because its where the Pearl Brewery used to be located.
There were lots of great little stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars - all along the San Antonio River. It was cool to walk along the river in a different part of downtown. The more famous, historic and touristy center of activity, the San Antonio River Walk, is a place I've visited many times. It's wonderful - there are always lots of people there, enjoying the tons of Tex-Mex restaurants and boat rides. I especially love it during the holiday season, when the trees are strung up with lights. However, strolling along Pearl's river banks felt much mellower and natural. It's an artsy, pretty place, so it was right up our alley.  

We found Rosella Coffee Company (below), a friendly place for Niall to get a beer and for me to get a coffee. I grew obsessed with the brownies at Green, so we went back and picked one up for me - incredible.

We paid a brief visit to the Sunken Gardens in Brackenridge Park. This park brings me back to my early childhood - it's big with lots to do. 

We stayed with Niall's friends from high school - a really kind couple with two kids, a sweet elderly kitty, and a spectacular home.

San Antonio treated us well - we spent time with people we love, enjoyed the comforts of a home, ate delicious food, and saw some awesome sights.

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